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PEFC Norway's revised standards are internationally approved
PEFC Norway's certification system has undergone a comprehensive revision in the period 2013-2015. The final phase of the revision process has been a thorough 3.party assessment of the Norwegian standards against PEFC's international standards as well as a final approval process by PEFC International. January 14th 2016 the Norwegian system was formally regodkjent of PEFC Council.
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London’s Xmas Gift from Norway a PEFC Treat
The festive season kicks off in sustainable style with the lighting of the iconic Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree in central London on 1 December. The traditional annual gift from Norway to the UK for its support and help during World War 2 will be the 65th in the series of trees donated by Oslo’s population to the citizens of London.
Read more » 02.12.2011

China joins PEFC
PEFC has unanimously approved the application from the Chinese Forest Certification Council (CFCC), to become a member of PEFC - the world's largest forest certification system.
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Wood - Nature's stroke of genius

Read more » 16.11.2011

PEFC Chain of custody and Logo use
PEFC Council decided at the General Assembly November 26th 2010 changes to the chain-of-custody rules and regulations governing the use of the PEFC logo. These changes must be implemented in national certification systems within a year.
Read more » 14.11.2011

New head of PEFC Norway Council
Ellen Alfsen, The Norwegian Forest Owners' Federation, is chosen as leader of PEFC Norway Council after Knut Einar Fjulsrud. He will continue as member of the Council. There is also a new member of the Council - Rolf Jørn Karlsen, The Norwegian United Federation of Trade Unions.
Read more » 19.10.2011

New leader of PEFC Secretary
Thomas Husum is the new leader of the PEFC-Norway Secretary. He is replacing Svein Søgnen who had this responsibility until now. Husum work in general as advisor in The Norwegian Forest Owners' Federation.
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New leader of PEFC Norway Council
Mr Knut Einar Fjulsrud, The Norwegian Sawmilling Industry, is chosen as new leader of PEFC Norway Council after Mr Helge Evju, The Norwegian Forest Owners' Federation, who has been heading the council for the last five years. Mr Evju is replaced in the Council by Rolf Th. Holm, member of the Board in the forest owners' federation.
Read more » 01.09.2010

NGOs to leave Living Forest Council
The two Norwegian environmental organisations WWF-Norway and Sabima have chosen to leave the Living Forest Council because of disagreement with the forest owner organisations concerning the LF standard for afforestation/reforestation.
Read more » 01.07.2010

Cappelen Damm AS CoC certified
Norway's largest publishing house Cappelen Damm AS is now CoC certified. Their activities include book stores, book clubs, distrution and publishing. The company's turnover is €100 million.
Read more » 22.04.2010

The revised PEFC Norway scheme being assessed
The assessment of the revised PEFC Norway scheme has started. The consultant company Indufor OY in Finland is now handling the application and documents. After they have finished their job, the revised scheme will be sent out for comments to all member countries and finally endorsed by PEFC Council's BOD.
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PEFC assesses revised Luxembourg and Slovak forest
PEFC Luxembourg and the Slovak Forest Certification Association have revised their forest certification schemes in line with PEFC's requirements of five-yearly revisions of national systems and submitted their application for re-assessment by PEFC.
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- What we have accomplished is absolutely fundamental for life on this planet
In the latest issue of the PEFC Newsletter, reporting on the 13th PEFC General Assembly, held in Paris, at the end of November, PEFC Chairman, Bill Street reflects on the challenges and opportunities that forest certification and sustainable forest management has been facing – and continues to face.
Read more » 18.12.2009

PEFC Certified Christmas Tree to Light St. Peter's Square
As is tradition at the Vatican, a Christmas tree arrived last Friday in Rome and will take pride of place in St. Peter’s Square. The tree comes from the a PEFC certified forest from the Walloon Region of Belgium.
Read more » 10.12.2009

New National Secretary for PEFC UK
The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) schemes UK is delighted to announce that Alun Watkins has been appointed as the new National Secretary for PEFC UK. Alun Watkins will take up his post in January 2010.
Read more » 03.12.2009

AT Skog BA recertified
AT Skog BA has been forest management re-certified by the Norske Veritas AS.
Read more » 28.10.2009

Norske Skog Follum re-certified
Norske Skog Follum has been chain of custody re-certified by the Norske Veritas AS.
Read more » 25.10.2009

Revised Technical Documentation
The new draft PEFC Norway Technical documentation has been revised during the summer. A new draft of the main PEFC Norway Technical Document and the eight annexes is now available.
Read more » 06.10.2009

Webinar on CoC standard
PEFC International invites to a “Webinar” on the PEFC International Chain of Custody standard Friday 31 July 2009 at 16h00 – 18h00.
Read more » 28.07.2009

Public consultation technical document
As part of the preparation for re-endorsement of the PEFC Norway certification scheme the first draft of the main documents are open for public consultation.
Read more » 11.07.2009

New head of PEFC development
Sarah Price is appointed new head of Projects and Development for PEFC International. One of her key responsibilities in PEFC International will be building and developing relationships and partner networks with stakeholders, donors and funding organisations.
Read more » 03.07.2009

PEFC 10 year!
PEFC Council and PEFC Norway is 10 years old. PEFC Council, the international umbrella and hub in the whole PEFC system, was formally launched in a meeting in Paris 30th June 1999, when the statues of the organisation was endorsed.
Read more » 30.06.2009

2008 – A year of change
“Change”, is how 2008 can best be described for PEFC International. Following the strategic review in 2007, PEFC has streamlined the organisation and activities, PEFC International writes in the annual report 2008
Read more » 29.06.2009

PEFC certified beer
PEFC Italy has announced the first beer eligible to carry a PEFC label. The beer is brewed on spruce bark, mountain pine buds and Scotch pine needles originating from PEFC certified forests.
Read more » 25.06.2009

CoC Workshop in Japan
PEFC International invites to the third in a series of three workshops on chain-of-custody in Tokyo, Japan, Tuesday 7th July 2009. The objective of the workshops is to gather stakeholder input for the revision of the PEFC International chain-of-custody rules.
Read more » 24.06.2009

Certification report Havass Skog
Havass Skog BA has published a certification report from Nemko AS.
Read more » 20.06.2009

Certification report Glommen Skog
Glommen Skog BA has published a certification report from Nemko AS.
Read more » 20.06.2009

Certification report Mjøsen Skog
Mjøsen Skog BA has published a new certification report from Det Norske Veritas AS.
Read more » 19.06.2009

Certification report Statskog Nordland
Statskog Nordland has published a certification report from The Norske Veritas AS.
Read more » 18.06.2009

Proposal of CoC change
PEFC International has received a comprehensive comment to the draft revision of the PEFC Chain-of-custody standard from Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI). PEFC sends out the proposal in addition to the previous documents for public consultation.
Read more » 18.06.2009

PEFC Norway endorsement extended
The PEFC Council Board of Directors has extended the endorsement of the Norwegian PEFC Forest Certification scheme until the end of August 2010.
Read more » 12.06.2009

Certification report Nortømmer
Nortømmer AS has published a certification report from Nemko AS.
Read more » 08.06.2009

Certification report Viken Skog
Viken Skog BA has published a certification report from The Norske Veritas AS.
Read more » 07.06.2009

Certification report Norsk Skogsertifisering
Norsk Skogsertifisering AS has published a certification report from Det Norske Veritas AS.
Read more » 06.06.2009

Revised CoC standard
PEFC International invites to the public consultation on the revised draft of the International PEFC chain-of-custody standard. Deadline for submissions is 7th August 2009.
Read more » 06.06.2009

Toten Almenning, Homla sawmill certified
Toten Almenning Lodd 2, Homla sawmill, at Kolbu is registered as PEFC chain-of-custody certified. Det Norske Veritas AS is certifying the company.
Read more » 06.06.2009

Standard revision expectations
Forest owners and industry expect the PEFC standard revision to give priority to forest actors, respect for knowledge and experience, cost effective system suited to all sizes of forest holdings and the whole value chain, reject a chamber system, promote growth and build on existing systems.
Read more » 27.05.2009

Certification report AT Skog
AT Skog BA has published a certification report from The Norske Veritas AS.
Read more » 26.05.2009

Certification report Oslo kommune
Oslo commune, Friluftsetaten, the management of the forest belonging to the municipality of Oslo, has published a certification report from The Norske Veritas AS.
Read more » 24.05.2009

PEFC International Newsletter
PEFC global statistics, new staff members, new seminars and the Dutch public procurement policies is among the issues in the May newsletter for PEFC International.
Read more » 13.05.2009

Agenda Standard Revision Dialogue
Speakers from all parts of the society will contribute to the PEFC dialogue on the revision of standard setting and core PEFC documents. The dialogue will be in Geneva Wednesday 27th May.
Read more » 11.05.2009

PEFC Chile re-endorsed and expanded
The PEFC system in Chile, CERTFOR Chile Forest Certification Scheme, is re-endorsed and the standard is expanded to cover native forest as well as forest plantations.
Read more » 08.05.2009

Update from the General Secretary
New certification systems in Asia and Africa, upcoming standard revision meetings and the nest meeting for all national PEFC certification schemes are items in the PEFC Secretary General’s executive update.
Read more » 07.05.2009

PEFC scheme in Malaysia
The Malaysian Timber Certification Scheme (MTCS) has become the first tropical timber certification scheme in the Asia Pacific region endorsed by PEFC.
Read more » 05.05.2009

Grøset Trykk AS PEFC certified
Grøset Trykk AS is the first printing house in Norway with PEFC certification. At the moment, Grøset Trykk AS is the only printer in Norway licensed to print publications with PEFC logo on the product ensuring that the paper used is PEFC certified.
Read more » 04.05.2009

Revised standard in Finland
The PEFC Forest Certification Standard Setting Working Group approved unanimously the revised forest management requirements for PEFC certification in Finland.
Read more » 04.05.2009

New PEFC DVD from Finland
PEFC Finland has published a new information DVD on PEFC certification. The DVD is available in English, French, German and Finnish.
Read more » 30.04.2009

First PEFC scheme in Africa
The Gabonese Forest Certification Scheme (PAFC Gabon) is the first African scheme to meet PEFC's sustainability benchmark requirements. This is an important step for securing sustainable forest management in Africa.
Read more » 28.04.2009

Join the standard revision process
PEFC International is inviting all stakeholders to participate in a dialogue on revising forest management standards. The meeting I sin Geneva Wednesday 27th May 2009.
Read more » 21.04.2009

Register for CoC seminar in Germany
PEFC International and PEFC Germany are jointly organising a chain-of-custody certification seminar in Hanover 22nd May 2009
Read more » 17.04.2009

Bamboo seminar in China
The PEFC China Initiative Office and the Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF) jointly hosted an International Workshop on China's National Plantation and Bamboo Forest Certification Standard Setting the 4th March 2009.
Read more » 16.04.2009

Register for CoC seminar in France
PEFC International and PEFC France are jointly organising a chain-of-custody certification seminar in Paris 13th May 2009
Read more » 07.04.2009

RingAlm Tre AS certified
RingAlm Tre AS is registered as PEFC chain-of-custody certified. Det Norske Veritas AS is certifying the company.
Read more » 06.04.2009

Furnes Almenning certified
Furnes Almenning is registered as PEFC chain-of-custody certified. Det Norske Veritas AS is certifying the company.
Read more » 03.04.2009

1000 CoC certificates in UK
PEFC UK has reach the high number of 1000 PEFC chain-of-custody certificates.
Read more » 03.04.2009

More 200 CoC certificates in Belgium
In Belgium there is now issued more than 200 PEFC chain-of-custody certificates to Belgian companies, and PEFC Belgium has started a marketing offensive in the country.
Read more » 02.04.2009

Granvin Bruk AS certified
Granvin Bruk AS is registered as PEFC chain-of-custody certified. Det Norske Veritas AS is certifying the company.
Read more » 02.04.2009

Land Sag PEFC certified
Land Sag is registered as PEFC chain-of-custody certified. Det Norske Veritas AS is certifying the company.
Read more » 02.04.2009

Statskog SF Nordland certified
Statskog SF Nordland has been registered as PEFC forest management certified with a group certificate. Det Norske Veritas is certifying the company.
Read more » 01.04.2009

Oslo’s forest certified
The forests’ of the Municipality of Oslo, Oslo commune, Friluftsetaten, is registered as PEFC forest management certified. Det Norske Veritas AS is certifying the Oslo municipality forests and this is the only individual PEFC forest management certificate in Norway.
Read more » 01.04.2009

Nordisk Tre certified
Nordisk Tre AS is PEFC forest management certified with a group certificate. Nemko AS is certifying Nordisk Tre.
Read more » 31.03.2009

Rygene-Smith & Thommesen certified
Rygene-Smith & Thommesen AS is registered as PEFC chain-of-custody certified. Det Norske Veritas AS is certifying the company.
Read more » 30.03.2009

Toten Almenning, Gotterud sawmill certified
Toten Almenning Lodd 1, Gotterud sawmill is registered as PEFC chain-of-custody certified. Det Norske Veritas AS is certifying the company.
Read more » 27.03.2009

Hunton Fiber PEFC certified
Hunton Fiber AS is registered as PEFC chain-of-custody certified. The Norske Veritas is certifying the company.
Read more » 27.03.2009

Stora Enso Skog bytter
Stora Enso Skog AB bytter sertifiseringsselskap i Norge. Stora Enso Skog AB er nå PEFC chain-of-custody sertifisert av Det Norske Veritas Certification AB, som holder til i Solna ved Stockholm.
Read more » 20.03.2009

Det Norske Veritas Certification AB notifisert
Det Norske Veritas Certification AB som holder til i Solna ved Stockholm er notifisert for PEFC chain-of-custody sertifisering i Norge.
Read more » 20.03.2009

Slovakian Technical Revisions
After over three years of operations, the Slovak Forest Certification System (SFCS) and the Slovak Forest Certification Association (SFCA) have started a scheme revision process.
Read more » 20.03.2009

PEFC seminar om chain-of-custody
PEFC International arrangerer seminarer om sporbarehetssertifisering (chain-of-custody) i Hannover fredag 22. mai 2009 og i Paris 13. mai. På seminarene gjennomgås dagens regler og mulige endringer i 2010.
Read more » 19.03.2009

Pilotgruppe i Estland
En gruppe på 44 skogeiere skal være med i et pilotprosjekt for gruppesertifisering av skog i Estland. Til sammen 55.000 hektar skog skal sertifiseres.
Read more » 19.03.2009

Russisk PEFC godkjent
Det russiske PEFC systemet, Russian National Forest Certification System er nå godkjent av PEFC. Utviklingen av det russiske PEFC systemet har vært støttet av Verdensbanken.
Read more » 06.03.2009

Invitasjon til regelrevisjon
PEFC Internasjonal skal revidere viktige regler, og inviterer alle interesserte til å nominere eksperter som kan delta i revisjonen.
Read more » 25.02.2009

Regler for nye dokumenter
Styret i PEFC International har fastsatt nye reglene for nye dokumenter og prosedyrer som skal følges når nye PEFC dokumenter lages. Retningslinjene ble godkjent av styret i PEFC International 29. januar 2009.
Read more » 29.01.2009

Forum for interessegrupper
PEFC International inviterer nå internasjonale interessegrupper til å bli en del av styringsstrukturen i PEFC. På generalforsamlingen i oktober 2008 vedtok organisasjonen nye vedtekter som banet veien for en slik utvikling.
Read more » 23.01.2009

Justert sertifiseringsavgift
Rådsmøtet i PEFC Norge fastla nye satser for sertifiseringsavgift for 2009. Dette ble gjort i Rådets møte 4. Desember 2008.
Read more » 10.01.2009

UK confirms PEFC sustainability
The UK Environmental Ministry confirms that PEFC ensures sustainable forest management. PEFC is together with MTCC and FSC re-endorsed for public procurement of forest based products in United Kingdom.
Read more » 20.12.2008

Nye regler for logo og sporbarhet
PEFC International har fastlagt nye regler for bruk av logo og for sporbarhet, chain-of-custody. Endringene er ikke store, men gir klarere og mer fleksible regler. De nye reglene ble godkjent av PEFC Internationals generalforsamling 31. oktober 2008.
Read more » 22.11.2008

Regler for dokumenter og nye medlemmer
PEFC International har fastsatt nye retningslinjer for dokumentstruktur og regler for å akseptere nye medlemmer. Den nye dokumentstrukturen ble godkjent av styret 25. september 2008 og de nye medlemsreglene ble godkjent av styret 30. november 2008.
Read more » 21.11.2008

Regelrevisjon logo og CoC
Reglene for brukav logo og reglene for sporbarhetssertifisering, chain-of-custody, i PEFC systemet er under revisjon, og forslagene er ute til høring med svarfrist 30. juli 2008
Read more » 07.07.2008

Position on certification and climate
PEFC Council has launched a position paper on forest certification and climate change. Forestry plays an important part in mitigating climate change, required that the forests are sustainably managed.
Read more » 04.07.2008

Vafos AS PEFC sertifisert
Vafos AS er PEFC sertifisert. Selskapet produserer mekanisk tremasse.
Read more » 04.07.2008

WWF inviteres til samarbeid
PEFC Council ønsker å invitere WWF til samarbeid om å forbedre WWFs vurderingsskjema for skogprodukter, fremgår det av et posisjonspapir som PEFC Council har utarbeidet.
Read more » 03.07.2008

Fransk innkjøpsguide
PEFC Frankrike har utviklet en guide for hvordan offentlige innkjøp kan bygge inn skogsertifisering i anbud.
Read more » 03.07.2008

Posisjon om endring av skogareal
PEFC Council har utarbeidet et posisjonspapir om endring av skog. Det krever en rasjonell og detaljert vurdering for å ta standpunkt til konkrete endringer, skriver PEFC Council
Read more » 03.07.2008

NorDan PEFC sertifisert
NorDan AS er blitt PEFC sertifisert. Selskapet produserer dører og vinduer.
Read more » 27.06.2008

InnTre AS PEFC sertifisert
InnTre AS er PEFC sertifisert. Selskapet produserer sagete og bearbeidede trevarer.
Read more » 26.06.2008

Støren Trelast PEFC Sertifisert
Støren Trelast AS er PEFC sertifisrt. Selskapet produserer sagbruksprodukter.
Read more » 26.06.2008

Trysil Skog sertifisert i Moelven
Trysil Skog AS er ikke lenger PEFC sertifisert som egen enhet, men inngår i PEFC sertifikatet til Moelven Industrier AS.
Read more » 25.06.2008

Stora Enso Skog resertifisert
Stora Enso Skog er resertifisert og PEFC chain-of-custody sertifikatet og PEFC lisensen er gyldig frem til 28. februar 2011.
Read more » 24.06.2008

CertforChile søker regodkjenning
CertforChile, det chilenske PEFC systemet har søkt PEFC Council om regodkjenning. Alle kan sende kommentarer til konsulenten som vurderer sæknaden innen 22. august 2008
Read more » 24.06.2008

Hviterussland søker godkjenning
PEFC organisasjonen i Hviterussland, the Belarusian Association of Forest Certification, søker PEFC Council om å få godkjent sitt sertifiseringssystem. Kommentarer kan sendes innen 22. august til konsulenten som vurderer søknaden.
Read more » 24.06.2008

Bioenergi og sertifisering
Bærekraftig skogbruk står svært sentralt på grunn av det store fokus rundt klimapolitikk, bioenergi og trebruk. Spesielt i EU skjer det en rivende utvikling hvor skogsertifiseing kan spille en viktig rolle.
Read more » 13.06.2008

Grønn innkjøpspolitikk og sertifisering
Grønn innkjøpspolitikk eller bærekraftig innkjøpspolitikk arbeides det med i flere land. Kriteriene er ikke nødvendivis harmonisert, men PEFC sertifisering ser ut til å bli allment akseptert.
Read more » 13.06.2008

Discussion about Finnish Forestry
Some environmental organisations have from time to time launched heavy attacks on forest management in Finland. The Finnish forestry representatives do not find the criticism valid.
Read more » 02.06.2008

Britene etterspør PEFC
Etterspørselen etter PEFC sporbarhetssertifisering (chain-of-custody) øker i Storbritannia. I UK har antall chain-of-custody sertifikater nå kommet opp i 750, fremgår det av nyhetsbrevet til PEFC UK.
Read more » 27.05.2008

Ekspertpanel i PEFC
PEFC Council har laget nye retningslinjer for hvordan organisasjonens ekspertpanel skal brukes ved godkjenningen av sertifiseringssystem.
Read more » 23.05.2008

PEFC flytter til Geneve
PEFC Council flytter fra Luxembourg til Geneve. Det nye sekretariatet etableres i World Trade Center 1, en bygning som ligger tett ved terminalbygget på flyplassen i Geneve.
Read more » 21.05.2008

Thorsten Arndt kommunikasjonsdirektør
Thorsten Arndt er ansatt som kommunikasjonsdirektør i PEFC Council. Arndt har lang erfaring fra arbeid knyttet til bærekraftig utvikling.
Read more » 15.05.2008

PEFC Norge momsregistrert
PEFC Norge har mottatt bekreftelse på at organisasjonen er momsregistrert. PEFC Norge søkte om dette fra 1. januar 2008 på bakgrunn av endringer i virksomheten.
Read more » 24.04.2008

Ekstraordinær generalforsamling i PEFC
PEFC Council holder en ekstraordinær generalforsamling pr. post for å gjennomføre små formelle endringer i vedtektene.
Read more » 22.04.2008

Finland starter standardrevisjon
PEFC Finland begynner nå revisjonen av den finske skogstandarden. Det finske PEFC systemet skal være ferdig revidert i 2010.
Read more » 21.04.2008

Technical Documentation
The PEFC Norway technical documentation you will find at this web page. Also consult the web page of PEFC International (www.pefc.org)for supplementing information.
Read more » 21.01.2002

Teknisk dokument
Her vil du finne PEFC Norges tekniske dokument. Se også PEFC Internationals hjemmeside (www.pefc.org) for supplerende informasjon.
Read more » 21.01.2002

What is PEFC?

PEFC is the World’s largest system for certification of sustainable forest management and products from sustainably managed forests. Read more>>

PEFC Council

PEFC Council is the international umbrella organisation for all the national PEFC systems. PEFC Norway is the national governing body in Norway. Because forestry and forest certification is a very international activity is much of our information based on the original texts at the international web pages. If you need guidance, please contact PEFC Norway.