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Standard revision expectations


Forest owners and industry expect the PEFC standard revision to give priority to forest actors, respect for knowledge and experience, cost effective system suited to all sizes of forest holdings and the whole value chain, reject a chamber system, promote growth and build on existing systems.

These were the expectations presented in the stakeholder dialogue on the PEFC Standard revision seminar in Geneva 27th May 2009. Ivar Legallais-Korsbakken presented the forest owners’ expectations on behalf of the International Family Forestry Alliance, IFFA, and included the expectations of the whole value chain and with reference to PEFC Norway.

An important issue in the dialogue was the wish to expand the scope of PEFC beyond forest certification and raw material chain-of-custody. This will however not be reflected in the forest management standard, but will affect the standard setting for the chain-of-custody certification.

PDF version of the presentation

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