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2008 – A year of change


“Change”, is how 2008 can best be described for PEFC International. Following the strategic review in 2007, PEFC has streamlined the organisation and activities, PEFC International writes in the annual report 2008

The renewed PEFC organisation is prepared for the opportunities and challenges the coming years will bring and to better serve its stakeholder and customers and .add value to society as a whole.

Despite the ongoing economic crisis, “sustainability” remains a key concern. Issues such as climate change, biodiversity and poverty will get further prominence. Given the important role that forests play in tackling the challenges, PEFC has improved the potential contribution that forest certification can make, states PEFC International in the 2008 report.

PEFC International started in 2008 a comprehensive revision of its technical documentation. Other changes included modification of PEFC’s governance structure and the broadening of the stakeholder involvement. PEFC’s international office moved in 2008 from Luxembourg to Geneva.

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