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Revised Technical Documentation


The new draft PEFC Norway Technical documentation has been revised during the summer. A new draft of the main PEFC Norway Technical Document and the eight annexes is now available.

The new draft has no major changes compared to the July draft. The new set of documents has now index and chapter numbers that will ease the reference. The new set of documents will be on up for endorsement by the PEFC Norway Council in Mid October. The appendixes to the annexes in not included, except NA Doc 53 Appendix 1 to Annex 3.

The new documentation is based on today’s certification system, but now structured according to the new PEFC Council requirement for Technical Documentation.

Technical Documentation

PEFC Norway Technical Document ST 1001:2009 (main document)

PEFC Norway GD 1001:2009 Terms and definitions (Annex 1)

PEFC Norway ST 1002:2009 Rules and standard setting (Annex 2)

PEFC Norway ST 2002:2009 Bases for accreditation and certification including group certification (Annex 3)

NA Doc 53 “Guidelines for the certification of environmental management systems in forestry management” (Appendix 1 to Annex 3)

PEFC Norway ST 2003:2009 Chain of custody requirements (Annex 4)

PEFC Norway ST 2004:2009 Logo usage rules (Annex 5)

PEFC Norway ST 2005:2009 Notification rules (Annex 6)

PEFC Norway ST 2001:2009 Forest management standard and implementation rules (Annex 7)

PEFC Norway GD 1002: 2009 Rules for appeals, complaints and dispute procedures (Annex 8)