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- What we have accomplished is absolutely fundamental for life on this planet


In the latest issue of the PEFC Newsletter, reporting on the 13th PEFC General Assembly, held in Paris, at the end of November, PEFC Chairman, Bill Street reflects on the challenges and opportunities that forest certification and sustainable forest management has been facing – and continues to face.

"As a result of our past success the PEFC family now includes: large commercial private forest landowners, non-European family tree farmers, and National Governing Bodies from South America, Asia and Africa. Each of these new groups brings with them, their own culture, their own way of thinking, and most importantly their own way of providing for sustainably managed forests," said Mr. Street.

"Our opportunities to learn from each other are magnified every time a new country joins our family," he continued. "What I know is that collectively and united we can achieve what is demanded of us, and with the help of environmentalists and industrial trade unionists, and with support from governments and civil society together we can craft the 'principled pragmatism' needed to succeed."

"One thing that I do know is that we must celebrate ourselves, and tell the world about what we have already achieved. We must do this not because we take ourselves too seriously, but rather because what we do is serious and important work. What we have accomplished and what we will accomplish is absolutely fundamental for life on this planet," concluded Mr. Street.

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