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Technical Documentation


The PEFC Norway technical documentation you will find at this web page. Also consult the web page of PEFC International (www.pefc.org)for supplementing information.

PEFC Norway Technical Document (PEFC Norway ST 1001:2009)

    Annex 1: Terms and definitions (PEFC Norway GD 1002:2009)

    Annex 2: Prosedyrer for utvikling og revisjon av det norske PEFC sertifiseringssytem  

    Annex 3: Bases for accreditation and certification incl. group cert. (PEFC Norway ST2002:2009) 

         Appendix 1: NA Doc 53: "Guidelines for the certification..." 

        Appendix 1: NA Dok 53 - Norsk versjon 3.01 gjelder fra 22.05 2013 

                    Clarification to NA Doc 53 ch.2 - adopted Dec 12th 2013

    Annex 4: Chain of custody requirements (PEFC Norway ST 2003:2009)

         Appendix 1: PEFC's Registration and Coding System 

         Appendix 2: Production database registration

    Annex 5: Logo usage rules (PEFC Norway ST 2004:2009)

         Appendix 1: Søknad om lisens for bruk av PEFCs logo 

         Appendix 2: Application for PEFC Logo Usage License

         Appendix 3: Kontrakt om sertifikatregistrering og lisens for logobruk (brukergruppe B)

         Appendix 4: Kontrakt om sertifikatregistrering og lisens for logobruk (brukergruppe C)

         Appendix 5: Kontrakt om sublisens for bruk av logo (brukerkategori 4)

         Appendix 6: Confirmation - PEFC logo license (category B) 

         Appendix 7: Confirmation - PEFC logo license (category C) 

         Appendix 8: Confirmation - PEFC logo license (Category D) 

    Annex 6: Notification rules (PEFC Norway ST 2005:2009)

         Appendix 1: Application for PEFC Notification

         Appendix 2: PEFC Notification Contract

         Appendix 3: Tariffs of PEFC Norway Notification Fee

    Annex 7: Forest management standard and implmentation rules (PEFC Norway ST 2001:2009)

         Appendix 1: Standard for sustainable forest management in Norway

         Appendix 2: Vedtekter for Rådet for Levende Skog

         Appendix 3: Skjema for opplysninger til PEFCs sertifikatregister

         Appendix 4: Skjema for opplysninger til PEFCs sertifikat- og logoregister

         Appendix 5: Production database registration

    Annex 8: Rules for appeals, complaints and dispute procedures (PEFC Norway GD 1002:2009)