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PEFC Chain of custody and Logo use
PEFC Council decided at the General Assembly November 26th 2010 changes to the chain-of-custody rules and regulations governing the use of the PEFC logo. These changes must be implemented in national certification systems within a year. Read more »

Revised Technical Documentation
The new draft PEFC Norway Technical documentation has been revised during the summer. A new draft of the main PEFC Norway Technical Document and the eight annexes is now available. Read more »

Webinar on CoC standard
PEFC International invites to a “Webinar” on the PEFC International Chain of Custody standard Friday 31 July 2009 at 16h00 – 18h00. Read more »

Public consultation technical document
As part of the preparation for re-endorsement of the PEFC Norway certification scheme the first draft of the main documents are open for public consultation. Read more »

CoC Workshop in Japan
PEFC International invites to the third in a series of three workshops on chain-of-custody in Tokyo, Japan, Tuesday 7th July 2009. The objective of the workshops is to gather stakeholder input for the revision of the PEFC International chain-of-custody rules. Read more »

Proposal of CoC change
PEFC International has received a comprehensive comment to the draft revision of the PEFC Chain-of-custody standard from Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI). PEFC sends out the proposal in addition to the previous documents for public consultation. Read more »

Revised CoC standard
PEFC International invites to the public consultation on the revised draft of the International PEFC chain-of-custody standard. Deadline for submissions is 7th August 2009. Read more »

Standard revision expectations
Forest owners and industry expect the PEFC standard revision to give priority to forest actors, respect for knowledge and experience, cost effective system suited to all sizes of forest holdings and the whole value chain, reject a chamber system, promote growth and build on existing systems. Read more »

Agenda Standard Revision Dialogue
Speakers from all parts of the society will contribute to the PEFC dialogue on the revision of standard setting and core PEFC documents. The dialogue will be in Geneva Wednesday 27th May. Read more »

Join the standard revision process
PEFC International is inviting all stakeholders to participate in a dialogue on revising forest management standards. The meeting I sin Geneva Wednesday 27th May 2009. Read more »

PEFC seminar om chain-of-custody
PEFC International arrangerer seminarer om sporbarehetssertifisering (chain-of-custody) i Hannover fredag 22. mai 2009 og i Paris 13. mai. På seminarene gjennomgås dagens regler og mulige endringer i 2010. Read more »

Invitasjon til regelrevisjon
PEFC Internasjonal skal revidere viktige regler, og inviterer alle interesserte til å nominere eksperter som kan delta i revisjonen. Read more »

Regler for nye dokumenter
Styret i PEFC International har fastsatt nye reglene for nye dokumenter og prosedyrer som skal følges når nye PEFC dokumenter lages. Retningslinjene ble godkjent av styret i PEFC International 29. januar 2009. Read more »

Justert sertifiseringsavgift
Rådsmøtet i PEFC Norge fastla nye satser for sertifiseringsavgift for 2009. Dette ble gjort i Rådets møte 4. Desember 2008. Read more »

Nye regler for logo og sporbarhet
PEFC International har fastlagt nye regler for bruk av logo og for sporbarhet, chain-of-custody. Endringene er ikke store, men gir klarere og mer fleksible regler. De nye reglene ble godkjent av PEFC Internationals generalforsamling 31. oktober 2008. Read more »

Regler for dokumenter og nye medlemmer
PEFC International har fastsatt nye retningslinjer for dokumentstruktur og regler for å akseptere nye medlemmer. Den nye dokumentstrukturen ble godkjent av styret 25. september 2008 og de nye medlemsreglene ble godkjent av styret 30. november 2008. Read more »

Regelrevisjon logo og CoC
Reglene for brukav logo og reglene for sporbarhetssertifisering, chain-of-custody, i PEFC systemet er under revisjon, og forslagene er ute til høring med svarfrist 30. juli 2008 Read more »

Ekspertpanel i PEFC
PEFC Council har laget nye retningslinjer for hvordan organisasjonens ekspertpanel skal brukes ved godkjenningen av sertifiseringssystem. Read more »