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PEFC certified beer
PEFC Italy has announced the first beer eligible to carry a PEFC label. The beer is brewed on spruce bark, mountain pine buds and Scotch pine needles originating from PEFC certified forests. Read more »

New PEFC DVD from Finland
PEFC Finland has published a new information DVD on PEFC certification. The DVD is available in English, French, German and Finnish. Read more »

1000 CoC certificates in UK
PEFC UK has reach the high number of 1000 PEFC chain-of-custody certificates. Read more »

More 200 CoC certificates in Belgium
In Belgium there is now issued more than 200 PEFC chain-of-custody certificates to Belgian companies, and PEFC Belgium has started a marketing offensive in the country. Read more »

Fransk innkjøpsguide
PEFC Frankrike har utviklet en guide for hvordan offentlige innkjøp kan bygge inn skogsertifisering i anbud. Read more »

Britene etterspør PEFC
Etterspørselen etter PEFC sporbarhetssertifisering (chain-of-custody) øker i Storbritannia. I UK har antall chain-of-custody sertifikater nå kommet opp i 750, fremgår det av nyhetsbrevet til PEFC UK. Read more »