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New head of PEFC Norway Council
Ellen Alfsen, The Norwegian Forest Owners' Federation, is chosen as leader of PEFC Norway Council after Knut Einar Fjulsrud. He will continue as member of the Council. There is also a new member of the Council - Rolf Jørn Karlsen, The Norwegian United Federation of Trade Unions. Read more »

New leader of PEFC Norway Council
Mr Knut Einar Fjulsrud, The Norwegian Sawmilling Industry, is chosen as new leader of PEFC Norway Council after Mr Helge Evju, The Norwegian Forest Owners' Federation, who has been heading the council for the last five years. Mr Evju is replaced in the Council by Rolf Th. Holm, member of the Board in the forest owners' federation. Read more »

NGOs to leave Living Forest Council
The two Norwegian environmental organisations WWF-Norway and Sabima have chosen to leave the Living Forest Council because of disagreement with the forest owner organisations concerning the LF standard for afforestation/reforestation. Read more »

- What we have accomplished is absolutely fundamental for life on this planet
In the latest issue of the PEFC Newsletter, reporting on the 13th PEFC General Assembly, held in Paris, at the end of November, PEFC Chairman, Bill Street reflects on the challenges and opportunities that forest certification and sustainable forest management has been facing – and continues to face. Read more »

PEFC Certified Christmas Tree to Light St. Peter's Square
As is tradition at the Vatican, a Christmas tree arrived last Friday in Rome and will take pride of place in St. Peter’s Square. The tree comes from the a PEFC certified forest from the Walloon Region of Belgium. Read more »

New National Secretary for PEFC UK
The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) schemes UK is delighted to announce that Alun Watkins has been appointed as the new National Secretary for PEFC UK. Alun Watkins will take up his post in January 2010. Read more »

New head of PEFC development
Sarah Price is appointed new head of Projects and Development for PEFC International. One of her key responsibilities in PEFC International will be building and developing relationships and partner networks with stakeholders, donors and funding organisations. Read more »

PEFC 10 year!
PEFC Council and PEFC Norway is 10 years old. PEFC Council, the international umbrella and hub in the whole PEFC system, was formally launched in a meeting in Paris 30th June 1999, when the statues of the organisation was endorsed. Read more »

2008 – A year of change
“Change”, is how 2008 can best be described for PEFC International. Following the strategic review in 2007, PEFC has streamlined the organisation and activities, PEFC International writes in the annual report 2008 Read more »

PEFC Norway endorsement extended
The PEFC Council Board of Directors has extended the endorsement of the Norwegian PEFC Forest Certification scheme until the end of August 2010. Read more »

PEFC International Newsletter
PEFC global statistics, new staff members, new seminars and the Dutch public procurement policies is among the issues in the May newsletter for PEFC International. Read more »

Update from the General Secretary
New certification systems in Asia and Africa, upcoming standard revision meetings and the nest meeting for all national PEFC certification schemes are items in the PEFC Secretary General’s executive update. Read more »

Forum for interessegrupper
PEFC International inviterer nå internasjonale interessegrupper til å bli en del av styringsstrukturen i PEFC. På generalforsamlingen i oktober 2008 vedtok organisasjonen nye vedtekter som banet veien for en slik utvikling. Read more »

PEFC flytter til Geneve
PEFC Council flytter fra Luxembourg til Geneve. Det nye sekretariatet etableres i World Trade Center 1, en bygning som ligger tett ved terminalbygget på flyplassen i Geneve. Read more »

Thorsten Arndt kommunikasjonsdirektør
Thorsten Arndt er ansatt som kommunikasjonsdirektør i PEFC Council. Arndt har lang erfaring fra arbeid knyttet til bærekraftig utvikling. Read more »

PEFC Norge momsregistrert
PEFC Norge har mottatt bekreftelse på at organisasjonen er momsregistrert. PEFC Norge søkte om dette fra 1. januar 2008 på bakgrunn av endringer i virksomheten. Read more »

Ekstraordinær generalforsamling i PEFC
PEFC Council holder en ekstraordinær generalforsamling pr. post for å gjennomføre små formelle endringer i vedtektene. Read more »