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Forestry standard

The Norwegian PEFC Forest Standard for sustainable Norwegian forestry has 27 requirements.

The requirements

Each requirement has a brief description of what it aims to achieve. The requirements also have descriptions of specific requirements.  The requirements describe what forest owners have to do in order to meet the targets for sustainable management. Requirements may involve specification of statutory obligations linked with management of the forest property in general. There may also be requirements for planning or documentation at property level and specific requirements which must be met when carrying out felling and other forestry operations. The requirements apply to the whole forest property for which the certification agreement has been concluded.

Review of the requirements

The requirements are presented under these main themes:

Manager responsibility and planning

The best way to implement sustainable forestry pursuant to the requirements in the Norwegian PEFC Forest Standard is to have a well updated forestry plan and good plan procedures. Fewer and fewer forest owners are carrying out the practical measures on properties themselves – but even so, forest owners bear responsibility for ensuring that the measures are implemented as effectively as possible, both for the forest owner himself and for the community in general. The requirements linked with manager responsibility and planning focus on responsibilities and planning applicable for long-term management of the forest property.

Felling and forestry operations

All measures linked with felling and care of the forest require a certain awareness of implementation and consideration for other interests. The requirements linked with felling and forestry operations are linked with planning and implementation where the work has to be done.

Special environmental values

As well as using forest management to ensure that the future forest is in good condition, it is necessary to safeguard biodiversity, cultural heritage and values linked with outdoor recreation and experiences. It is too late to stop and think once a tree or an entire stand has been felled! In many instances, it is necessary to be aware of the consequences of measures beyond the actual operational area. The requirements linked with special environmental values must ensure that forest owners plan and take into account the things which we know, from current expertise, to have the best effect.

As well as the requirements themselves, annexes to the forest standard itself provide a number of explanations so as to avoid ambiguity and incorrect interpretation of the requirements. 


The PEFC Norway forest management standard,

PEFC N 02:

Download the forest management standard (English)