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In this section, you will find fact and information about forest certification in general and the PEFC system in particular. More facts at the PEFC Council web site www.pefc.org. At the PEFC web site, you will find links to all national PEFC home pages with a lot of facts about forestry and certification. You will find useful links in our link section

There are two kinds of forest certification, forest management certification and chain-of-custody certification. Both systems work together in supporting sustainable forest management by documenting sustainable forestry and verifying that raw material in forestry products originate from sustainable managed forests.

Forest certification verifies that forest holdings are sustainably managed.

Chain-of-custody certification verifies throughout every link in the value chain – from forest gate to final consumer – that the raw material originates from sustainable forestry.
You will find more facts at the PEFC Council web site www.PEFC.org

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Background and history
Forest certification was developed in order to promote sustainable forest management. In Family Forestry, where the forest properties are handed over in the family from generation to generation, sustainability is a very important value. Certification is the verification and documentation of sustainable forestry. Background and history

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The PEFC Council database
The PEFC Council interactive database contains a large amount of facts about certification, certifying bodies, certified units and logo users. Please visit
The PEFC Interactive Database