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Public consultations

PEFC Norway

Revised documents
A revised draft version of the PEFC Norway Technical Documentation is now available. There are not any major changes, but the documents have now index and the chapters are numbered. The documents will be endorsed by the PEFC Norway Council Mid October 2009.

Access to the revised draft

Public consultation PEFC Norway technical document
As part of the preparation for re-endorsement of the PEFC Norway certification scheme the first draft of the main documents are open for public consultation.

The PEFC Norway Technical Document with eight Annexes does not represent any changes of the PEFC Norway forest management or chain of custody certification. The rules and requirements, however, are structured in a new way, in order to make the documentation clearer and more accessible. For some parts, there are codifications of non-documented procedures.The documentation is structured according to the new PEFC requirements for document structure.

In the document, 1st September 2009 is indicated as a possible day of adoption of the documents. This is only an indicative date, but we would like comments sent to the PEFC Norway secretariat before 24th August 2009.

Document access

Proposal of enlarging CoC scope
PEFC International has received a comprehensive comment from Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI) to the draft revision of the chain-of-custody standard sent out for public consultation. BWI proposes to enlarge the scope of PEFC chain-of-custody certification to include social and labour requirements in the whole value chain.  More information.

Revised chain-of-custody standard
PEFC International invites to public consultation on the revised draft of the International PEFC chain-of-custody standard. Deadline 7th August 2009.  More information

Nominasjoner til regelendring
PEFC International skal revidere to dokumenter som er grunnleggende for skogsertifiseringen. Det ene dokumentet gjelder globale kriterier for bærekraftig skogbruk, og det andre gjelder regler for hvordan skogstandarder skal lages på nasjonalt nivå. Dokumentene vil senre komme på høring, men PEFC International ønsker å trekke med flere eksperter i revisjonen. Alle interesserte oppfordres derfor til å nominere kandidater til å delta i prosessen. Se saken

PEFC Council
To view international public consultation, please access the PEFC Council web site


Public consultations
On this web site, we will display public consultations from PEFC Norway and PEFC Council. The PEFC technical documents require that important issues will be made public and made open for public consultations.

You will find links to public consultations from PEFC Council.