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Certification may seem to be complicated. However, certification becomes increasingly important since more and more companies, customers organisations and consumers find sustainable development important.

Forest management certification

Forest owners who would like to be certified might make contact with one of the units that organise group certification, see the group certified units in Norway. Nearly all forest holdings in Norway are certified in a group. Group certification represents cost effective certification and will, in most cases, be the only economic viable solution for small and middle-sized forest holdings.

Forest owners who would like individual certification may contact directly one of the notified certifiers that offer PEFC forest management certification in Norway.

Chain-of-custody certification

Chain-of-custody certification is for companies throughout the whole value chain, companies that processes, converts and sell forest products or forest based products. The purpose of chain-of-custody certification is to verify and document that the raw material in the forest-based products originate from sustainable managed forests. All links in the value chain must have their own PEFC chain-of-custody certificate, for instance the pulp mill, the paper mill, the paper merchant and the printer. In Norway, most of the chain-of-custody certification holders are individually certified. Group certification is however possible also in chain-of-custody. Chain-of-custody certificates are easier to obtain if the company already has a quality or environmental management certificate (for instance ISO 9000 or ISO 14001).

Most of the large pulp and paper mills and sawmills are certified. Chain-of-custody certification becomes more and more common among middle sized and small companies. In order to print PEFC certified products, the printers must be chain-of-custody certified, and this will become more usual in Norway. All links in the chain must be able to document that the output corresponds to the input. For instance, the printers must have certification that verifies that the sustainable paper they print on really is the paper they claim to use.

Companies that would like chain-of-custody certification might contact one of the certification bodies notified for chain-of-custody certification in Norway.

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If you would like addition information on how to be certified, please contact PEFC Norway.