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About PEFC

PEFC largest in the world
PEFC is the world’s largest forest certification system, established in 1999. PEFC started as a European certification system, named Pan European Forest Certification. From 2002 systems outside Europe joined in, and PEFC have now members all over the world (see the facts section). The letters PEFC is kept, but now PEFC is the abbreviation for Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes.

PEFC Council
PEFC Council is the international umbrella in the PEFC system. PEFCs secretariat was established in Luxembourg, but moved to Geneva in June 2008.

More information on PEFC Council on the PEFC system at www.pefc.org.

PEFC Norway
Organisation number: NO 982 550 270 MVA

Key facts from the Norwegian business register

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Objectives and activities

The PEFC Norway’s objective is to promote sustainable forest management, by making certification of forest properties and forest products available.

Norwegian representatives were active in establishing PEFC Council and developing the PEFC system. Many of those who took part in the Norwegian Living Forest process were also active in establishing PEFC. A vital part in all national PEFC processes is the development of a national standard for sustainable forestry. Because the Norwegian Living Forest management standard was developed through a consensus process and finalised in 1998, Living Forest was the obvious choice as forest management standard in the Norwegian PEFC scheme.


PEFC Norway was established in June 1999 and was among those national schemes that right from the start became members of PEFC Council. In December 1999, PEFC Norway applied for endorsement by PEFC Council, and the Norwegian PEFC scheme became formally endorsed 24th May 2000.

PEFC Norway is a service organisation selling certification services. A council governs PEFC Norway where all members of PEFC Norway have the right to have a seat.


The daily operation is run by a secretariat located at the Norwegian Forest Owners’ Federation. (See the contact section.)

The Council and the Council members

The PEFC Norway Council is the superior and only governing body in the organisation. The Council has authority of a Board and of the General Assembly. All national forest related stakeholder organisations may be members of PEFC Norway.

By-laws     Norwegian   English

Members of the PEFC Norway Council
Ellen Alfsen (chair), The Norwegian Forest Owners' Federation
Erling Bergsaker, NORSKOG
Monica Grindberg, Statskog
Knut Einar Fjulsrud, The Norwegian Sawmilling Industry
Øyvind Rognstad, The Norwegian Paper and Pulp Industry
Rolf Jørn Karlsen, The Norwegian United Federation of Trade Unions (Fellesforbundet)
Merete Larsmon, Women in Forestry

Deputy Council members
Nils Bøhn, The Norwegian Forest Owners' Federation
Arne Rørå, NORSKOG
Karl Faanes, Statskog
Per Skreden, The Norwegian Sawmilling Industry
nn, The Norwegian United Federation of Trade Unions
Anne Kathrine Løberg, Women in Forestry

Members PEFC Norge
The Norwegian Forest Owners' Federation

The Norwegian Sawmillion Industry
The Norwegian Paper and Pulp Industry (c/o The Norwegian Industry)
The Norwegian United Federation of Trade Unions
Women in Forestry
Det Norske Skogselskap

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