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Frequently asked questions

PEFC Council, the international umbrella in the PEFC system, have a page with the "Help & Support" where you can find information about the different types of certification.


If you have questions directed to PEFC Norway, please send an e-mail or find us at the contact page.


PEFC Council has a comprehensive interactive database where you will find information on certified units and their certifiers. You find it here at www.pefc.org


Information about requirements and procedures you will find in the technical documentation either by visiting the section “Documentation” at PEFC Norway or at the “Technical Documentation” section at www.pefc.org.


Informastion about PEFC

If you would like more information about PEFC Norway, please visit the “About PEFC” section.


You will find more comprehensive information about the PEFC system here at www.pefc.org.


If you would like more information about PEFC system in various countries, you find it here at www.pefc.org