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PEFC Norway certification system is made up of several documents / standards that define requirements for forestry and traceability certification. The figure below shows the document structure of the system.

Forest Certification

PEFC N 01 - NorwegianPEFC certification system for sustainable forestry

PEFC N 02 - Norwegian PEFC Forest Standard

PEFC N 03 - Requirements for group certification

PEFC N 04 - Requirements for certification bodies and accreditation bodies

PEFC N 05 - Glossary and definitions

Chain of Custody and Logo use

PEFC ST 2002:2013 Chain of Custody for forest based products - requirements

PEFC ST 2003:2012 Certification Body Requirements - Chain of Custody

PEFC ST 2001:2008 Logo usage rules


Articles of Association for PEFC Norway

PEFC N 06 - Procedures for development and auditing of Norwegian PEFC certification system

PEFC N 07 - Instructions for notification of certification bodies

PEFC International Standards

The basis for PEFC Norway certification system is the international PEFC standards that define the requirements that national standards must meet. Here is a link to PEFC International technical documentation.



Previous revisions and documentation

2010 Re-Endorsement

The Tecnical Documentation of PEFC Norway was adopted by PERFC Norway Council 15th October 2009, and formally re-endorsed by PEFC Council November 5th 2016.
Link to technical documentation

Prolonged endorsement until August 2010

The PEFC Norway certification scheme was re-endorsed for two years the 28th February 2006. Due to the delay in re-negotiating the forest management standard and the subsequent revision of the group certification arrangement, PEFC Norway applied for a prolongation and a prolongation until August 2009 was granted. Due to further delay outside the control of PEFC Norway, the Board of PEFC Council extended the prolongation of the endorsement until the end of August 2010.
Application for prolongation 2007
Letter confirming prolongation 2008
Application for prolongation 2009
Letter confirming prolongation 2009

PEFC Norway's re-endoresement 2006
In 2005, PEFC Norway applied for re-endorsement of the Norwegian PEFC scheme. The national PEFC schemes are to be re-endorsed about every five years. In 2005, however, the Norwegian forest management standard, the Living Forest standard, was still re-negotiated. PEFC Norway therefore applied for re-endorsement with updated certification system, but with the forest management standard of 1999. The PEFC Norway scheme was re-endorsed in 2006. When the new forest management standard is finalised PEFC Norway will ask for a new re-endorsement. The endorsement of the present system is prolonged until 1st July 2009. The new application is under development.

Application documents 2005
Appclication documents and consultant report you find at the PEFC Council web page - "Members and Schemes" section
- Letter confirming re-endorsement

PEFC Norway's application 1999
PEFC Norway applied in 1999 for the first endorsement of the PEFC Norway certification scheme. The application with attachment describes the Norwegian scheme. Below you will find links to the application and most important attachments. Enclosures like videos and brochures are not included. Links to the report from the consultant assessing the Norwegian scheme you will find below.

Look for additional information at the Living Forest web site.

Application documents 1999
- Application
- Attachments

Consultant report
- Report
- Attachment 2
- Attachment 3

Selected Living Forest reports
- Report 11
- Report 12
- Correction to Report 12